Friday, January 23, 2009

Local Food Guide cover

The Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project (ASAP) is a wonderful organization of farmers, food producers and chefs located in the mountains of North Carolina.  Each year, they publish a LOCAL FOOD GUIDE, which lists farmers markets, farmers and their contact info, restaurants that use local foods, and retailers that stock local products.  You can pick one up for free or go online at
Check out their interesting newsletter, e-Connections.


Greens, like collards and kale, onions, sweet potatoes, winter squash, honey, pecans, eggs, goat cheese, sausage and other meats, jellies and jams, breads, pies and cakes, and in the Asheville area, rainbow trout - this is what you'll find at farmers markets here in N.C. during the winter.
Asheville restaurants are to be applauded for their efforts to serve local foods all year round.  Early Girl Eatery has a CSA supplying winter produce, while Tupelo Honey's own chef harvests from his own garden for the restaurant's supplies.  The Market Place, Savoy, Laurey's Catering, and a host of other restaurants join in the local food movements.  Check out ASAP for restaurant suggestions.

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