Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey you beach lovers of the Outer Banks! Know where to find crab grenades?  Apple Uglies?  Hatteras Flats?  And fish so fresh the name of the fisherman who caught it is on the menu?

You'll find that, as well as where to sip local brews...... do wine tastings....... get dinner in flip flops and ON frisbees ...... have pizza delivered on the beach ..... where kids and large parties are accommodated festivals to attend, culinary tours to take ....... kitchen stores with steamers and crab pickers ...... and anything and everything to do with food on the Outer Banks.  Even personal chefs who'll come to your rental kitchen, make and serve you dinner, then clean it all up.  You get a price range, what style of food, addresses and contact info.

And, there's a dozen great, simple recipes from chefs and foodies for you to try at home.

Here's a sampling of dishes and scenes you'll find on the Outer Banks:

                                          A Hatteras Flat, at Cafe 12 in Avon

                                   Tempura-fried soft shells over jasmine rice at Dajio on you know what Dajio is an acronym for?

        Get to Ocracoke on a ferry, ditch your car, and ride a bike to dinner and everywhere!

                   This, folks, is what the food scene is all about on the Outer Banks!


       The herb and vegetable garden outside of Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe

You'll find the fisherman's name on the menu who caught this fish at Basnight's Lone Cedar!


Scallops and greens at The Brine & The Bottle, Nags Head, on the Causeway

Beet juice flavors this John Dory caught in the Pamlico Sounds, served up at Ketch 55 in Avon

Fresh tuna at Blue Moon Beach Grill
        in Nags Head

Look for this logo at restaurants and markets while on Ocracoke Island

And there's so much more, about 200 restaurants, markets, and stores described, and a dozen great, simple recipes from chefs and foodies, and a heads-up on what kind of food you'll find, brief histories, and interesting food tidbits!

Email me for a signed copy, or get to your independent bookstore, or go online to your mega-favorite.