Monday, October 4, 2010


Nothing like a good, juicy burger every now and then. Carolina Foodie made a recommendation to USA TODAY for their travel story about 51 GREAT BURGER JOINTS, one from each state.
Char-Grill has been a favorite since I was a student at NC State. I love the nostalgic music, the car parts sticking out from walls, and how you can custom order your burgers just the way you want them.
Check it out!

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Kemp said...

I have fond memories of being introduced to Char-Grill back in the mid-1970s on travels to Raleigh.

They still grill 'em the way they did "back-in-the-day," with the care and attention you'd give to cooking burgers in your own backyard.

Be sure and get the Hamburger Steak Jr (fries included) with a choice of obvious toppings - add a milk shake if you're REALLY hungry!


PS: Beth - congrats on appearing in USA Today and we love your new book!