Wednesday, November 3, 2010


WHOA!!! I screeched to a halt in front of Edible Earthscape's booth at the North Hills Farmers Market.
"What is that? It's gorgeous!" I cried.
"A Watermelon Radish," Haruka Oatis replied.
What does it taste like? "A radish," she said with a laugh.
I took one home, for fifty cents, and set it on the counter.
"What's that ugly thing?" I was asked. "Just wait," I said with smile.

I peeled away the thin, outer skin, then cut the radish into thin slices.
"Wow!" was the reaction. "That's gorgeous."
Toasted walnuts, some fresh mizuna, also from Haruka and Jason's farm, and freshly grated Parmigana cheese were added to the Watermelon Radish for a salad that was as delightful to the eye as to our tastebuds.
I'm going to try and find some seeds so that I, too, can plant this edible beauty. Anyone have a resource for us? Please comment!


Last post, I told you about Theros Olive Oil and Virginia Vinegar Works.
I should have told you how to make a vinaigrette using them.
Vinaigrettes are so easy to make and so very much cheaper - and tastier - than bottled dressings.
Here's the classic RECIPE:

One part vinegar (or lemon juice or combo)
salt & pepper
squirt of Dijon mustard
MIX THOROUGHLY (I usually opt for a recycled jelly jar, and just shake the hell out of it)
Add THREE or FOUR parts oil (I prefer extra virgin olive oil for most)

Options: minced fresh herbs added before the oil, and/or minced garlic

If you should choose to use a small bowl, use your whisk to mix. With small bowls like that, you can create a neat whirlwind by rubbing the handle of the whisk back and forth between your palms. Try it!

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Jason said...

Beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the veggies. Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/Chinese Red Meat to get seeds for 'Watermelon Radish'. And the dressing sounds divine. I also prefer making my own dressings! Thanks for the shout out!